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Okay… Beauty tip you guys…. Well sort of a life hack… Yup… A puberty life hack… So when kids grow up they get annoying little fucking bumps on their face right?? RIGHT.. Well this shit right here… Is like poison to those little pesky pimples… So if you are one of those 12.9 year olds going through puberty… Or if you’re like me that still at the age of 19 gets problem pimples every once and a while… Before you get all stressed out (probably making it worse) and go to the doctor to get pills to solve the problem.. Go to walmart, spend 3 bucks, and get this shit.. I ain’t makin no guarantees… But it works for me and a few of my friends.. Use this shit.. It works.. Trust me.. Wipe that shit on your face 2 or 3 times a day.. And BAM, with in a day you’ll start seeing improvements!

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